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Adrian Rudzik
Adrian Rudzik

Warsaw, Poland

I’m Adrian. 
 I'm tattooed and bearded product designer works on web design, UX/UI, branding and apps. I graduated International School of Photography in Wroclaw, Poland. 
 If you are interested in cooperation or just want to say hello - fell free to contact with me @ adrianrudzik@gmail.com. Now Head of Design @ Applica.ai

  1. Altruisto extension white app covid clean charity donate extension interface minimalism modern help people store app design uxui ux money finance
  2. Altruisto extension finance money ux ui app design store people modern minimalism interface help flow extensions donate clean chrome charity extension app
  3. Watches shop product page whitespace white design website watches ui ux tokens store product page modern minimalism minimal interface clean design clean
  4. Watches shop checkout store app panel modern ux ui store shop product tokens checkout form clean minimalism minimal flow interface website design watches watch
  5. Music landing page web white art shop music store flat website landing design ui ux minimal clean
  6. Calculator landing page for Lingroom money website ux ui teacher learning language minimal landing interface design clean
  7. Renting things landing page things whitespace white blue website web uiux clean ui shop hire minimal landing design clean art
  8. Property main page minimal clean white website web ux ui real estate property home page landing homepage home design
  9. Travel concept page ux ui world search minimal interface design photography clean travel landing website
  10. Travel concept subpage world website ux ui travel search photography minimal landing interface design clean
  11. CV dashboard user minimalism flat ux ui panel modern minimal interface design dashboard cv clean app
  12. CV settings panel ux ui modern settings panel minimal interface cv design dashboard clean app
  13. Roomframes app rooms clean application gallery pure white minimalism phone mobile apple ios app
  14. Calendar color menu ux ui tasks mobile reservation clean minimal calendar material app
  15. AI targeting dashboard ux ui panel brain minimal interface ads design dashboard targeting clean ai
  16. Ocr interface for bailiffs ux ui court ocr panel minimal interface bailiff design dashboard clean desktop
  17. SaaS panel ux ui interface app clean design minimal dashboard panel saas shop ecommerce
  18. Seven Summits animation website ux ui travel search mountains minimal landing interface design clean
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