I’m Adrian.

I'm tattooed and bearded graphic designer works on web design, UX/UI, branding and graphics art. I graduated International School of Photography in Wroclaw, Poland.

I'm addicted to traveling. I gather inspiration from all over the world - from Brazil to India. There is nothing better than the opportunity to reforge passions into a profession.

Life is art and what I love the most. I’m fascinated by the Bauhaus, functionality and scandinavian minimalism and adhere the philoshopy – in minimalism I trust – because good graphics is invisible graphics. I try to apply these principles in every project I made by giving them individual character. Maybe I’ll not change the world but I though a small part to make a more functional and beautiful. Of course, with a cup of hot coffee.

If you are interested in cooperation or just want to say hello - fell free to contact with me!